Creating a new account

In the kUSD console run:

> personal.newAccount

You will be prompted to enter a passphrase and to repeat the passphrase. The console will then display your new account.

For example:

> personal.newAccount
Repeat passphrase:

Listing Your Accounts

In the kUSD console run:

> kcoin.accounts
["0x5afdd78bdacb56ab1dad28741ea2a0e47fe41331", "0x9acb9ff906641a434803efb474c96a837756287f"]

Checking account’s kUSD balance

You can get your current balance (or the balance of any address) using kcoin.getBalance:

> kcoin.getBalance("YOUR_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS")

To convert from wei to kUSD (ie, multiply by 10^18), use:

> web3.fromWei(kcoin.getBalance("YOUR_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS"), "kcoin");

Checking your account’s mUSD mining token balance

You can get the balance of any address’s mining tokens using mtoken.getBalance:

> web3.fromWei(mtoken.getBalance("YOUR_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS"), "kcoin");

Unlocking an account

By default your new account will be locked. You can unlock it using the personal.unlockAccount command with your account address, and entering your password when prompted:

In the kUSD console run:

> personal.unlockAccount("YOUR_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS")

For example:

> personal.unlockAccount("0x7f7692dae4cd61adc679204c4dfcacc53928cec4")
Unlock account 0x7f7692dae4cd61adc679204c4dfcacc53928cec4

Sending kUSD via the console

kUSD is sent using the kcoin.sendTransaction() function in the console. To send one of your kUSD to address 0xe2ac86cbae1bbbb47d157516d334e70859a1be45, you can use:

> kcoin.sendTransaction({from:"YOUR_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS", to:"0xe2ac86cbae1bbbb47d157516d334e70859a1be45", value: web3.toWei(1, "kcoin")})