The Kowala Team

Our mission is to create intuitive and accessible payment platforms

We have been building the Kowala Protocol since 2016. We want to make it simple for every person to have total control over his or her money and transact safely and securely with the entire world instantly at little or no cost. Our goal is to finally realize the promise of decentralized financial transactions for everyone.

Eiland Glover
Nashville, USA
Eiland Glover is the CEO and Cofounder of Kowala, creator of the world’s first autonomously stabilizing cryptocurrency: kUSD. Eiland has spent his career creating systems and companies at the intersection of finance, technology, education, game theory, and human psychology. He is a firm believer that new technologies must be consciously designed and utilized to empower humans. In 2012, Eiland learned about bitcoin and wondered why this amazing technology had not become ubiquitous. He co-created Kowala based on his belief that a decentralized stable coin is necessary for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.
John Reitano
Nashville, USA
John Reitano is the CTO and Cofounder of Kowala, creator of the world’s first autonomously stabilizing cryptocurrency: kUSD. John has been designing and implementing scalable software applications and systems since 1990. John is an experienced user of and strong advocate for Agile software development and Open Source technologies. Prior to working at Kowala, John developed two other cryptocurrencies (Neutrino and UR).
Paul Fox
Director of Engineering
Brighton, UK
Paul Fox is Kowala's lead architect and lead developer. Paul has deep experience with scalable software design and implementation, and brings a scientific approach to his work. Prior to working at Kowala, Paul led multiple financial technology projects for companies such as Paypal and played an instrumental role in the design and development of a mobile giving platform now used by the UK's largest charities. He is passionate about behavior-driven development, open-source software, and OKR. In his spare time, Paul enjoys graphic design and the creation of elegant and useful sofware like Sepia, a tool for building web applications.
Ricardo Geraldes
Lead Blockchain Engineer
Lisbon, Portugal
Ricardo Geraldes is a software engineer based in Lisbon, Portugal and has been involved in top cryptocurrency projects since 2017. Before committing himself to open source projects, he specialised in core banking systems and financial services and participated in projects for clients such as ING, Lloyds Banking Group or Caixa Geral de Depósitos. Ricardo is passionate about complex systems, and complex problems. Ricardo finds the interdisciplinary nature of blockchains fascinating - an interception of math, computer science, cryptography, business, politics, philosophy.
Eugene Danilenko
Blockchain Engineer
Moscow, Russia
Eugene Danilenko is most experienced in highload Golang development and R&D projects. Before starting working in crypto projects Eugene had been working to Lazada and Alibaba inc. for 3 years. He was involved in the standardization development process, developing highload projects, protocols and algorithms on Golang and 24/7 project support. Main blockchain experience is in and R&D projects with Ethereum foundation: new ultra light Ethereum client, micropayments and new p2p service model. Eugene is an active Ethereum contributor.
Albert Callarisa
Senior Software Enginer
Barcelona, Spain
Albert Callarisa is a backend developer with over 10 years of experience. Strongly focused on software scalability and performance, he has helped multiple startups be able to grow without being worried if their backend was able to handle the growth. He's now based in Barcelona, where he's originally from, but in the last years he has lived in Singapore and Canada.
Jose Pinto
Software Engineer
London, UK
Jose Pinto is a veteran software engineer with more than 20 years industry experience across the software development lifecycle. Based between London and Porto he has worked for blue chip names such as Sainsbury's, Boston Consulting Group and News UK (publishers of the Times). Jose has also led developer teams in a startup environment, driving quality via his obsession with embedding high calibre scalability into the design of complex systems.
Adrian Hetman
Blockchain Engineer
Poznań, Poland
Adrian is a blockchain engineer who is passionate about Ethereum technology and blockchain in general. Adrian started learning about Bitcoin in 2015 and immediately saw its power. Adrian likes to share his blockchain knowledge with others, and has written articles and spoken recently in Poznań, Poland. Recent talks include one on Hyperledger and another on Introduction to Blockchain.
Jonathan Gimeno
Senior Software Engineer
Barcelona, Spain
Jonathan started his career with a 'hello world' and since then he could not stop learning. Taking software engineering as lifestyle, Jonathan has worked in several companies and in several countries, from fintech to education and has helped teams to achieve proficiency in the creation of scalable, maintainable and testable systems. When he is not developing he is dedicated to his other passion, music, where he tries to get the same requirement level as in software craftsmanship.
Adam King
Lead Application Engineer
San Diego, USA
Adam King is Kowala’s Lead Application Engineer tasked with developing web and mobile wallet applications for Kowala. Over his 15 year career, Adam has strived to create applications that are refined in their utility and intrinsically familiar to their users, regardless of their complexity. His user-centered designs are influenced by Don Norman's insights on design based on the needs and emotions of the user. Adam cofounded Neutrino, a privacy focused digital currency, in 2013 and has been actively involved in both the cryptocurrency and fintech industries since 2009.
Xavier Pérez
Mobile Application Engineer
Quito, Ecuador
Xavier is a full stack software engineer with a Bachelor of computer science, with more than 10 years of experience developing systems and applications for different industries. He has been part of many startups and contributed with his skills on projects that had the dream to make the world a better place. He is committed to create beautiful easy-to-use applications with the best quality.
Walker Willse
VP Business Development
Nashville, USA
As Vice-President of Business Development, Walker led Kowala's initial seed round, and is currently running the private token sale and developing strategic partnerships within the greater Cryptocurrency and Blockchain ecosystem. He possesses over 15 years of experience consulting with startups and growth stage companies. Known for quickly gaining rapport with executive leadership, clients and investors while communicating the utility and value of highly complex technology services solutions and products.
Dominique Nguyen
Operations Manager
Los Angeles, USA
Dominique Nguyen is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist with over 12 years of experience of business development, strategic planning, acquisitions, investments and marketing. She has led several cross-functional teams in achieving impactful business goals and is currently the Operations Manager at Kowala Inc, the world’s first autonomously stabilized cryptocurrency. She is ambitious in driving change and transforming lives through innovative technology, economic & consciousness empowerment.
Roman Markuze
Customer Success
Kazan, Russia
Roman is an IT enthusiast with deep experience in B2B, B2C communication and first line team management. In prior roles, he has led global training programs for senior government and business executives and has managed business development for a global Internet technology company. In 2013, he became inspired by the way Blockchain can positively impact the world, not just in financial services but also from in the areas of health, and economic development. This inspiration was the key reason he joined Kowala as the Director of the Customer Success.
Aakash Nigam
Community Manager
Bangalore, India
Aakash Nigam is a crypto-investor, trader, blogger, entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, digital marketing specialist in the crypto-space, and a qualified electrical engineer looking for more challenging and learning opportunities with Kowala to diversify his experience in the field of Stablecoins, ICO & Community building. He is a B.Tech graduate from National Institute of Technology Srinagar and is based in Bengaluru, India. Aakash is in charge of moderating & supporting Kowala's online communities, social media, content curation, providing community insights and analyzing fairplay conduct.
Maryam Southam
HR Manager
Montreal, Canada
Maryam is based out of the Montreal office working as Human Resources lead at Kowala. Maryam graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology. With over 10 years of experience, Mayam has a professional background in Digital Communications and has worked at digital agencies in Montreal and Toronto.