About Kowala

Kowala’s mantra is “elegant technology for human prosperity”

Our mission is to create intuitive, and accessible technologies

We want to make it simple for every human to have total control over his or her money and transact safely and securely with the entire world instantly at little or no cost. Our goal is to finally realize the promise of decentralized financial transactions for all humans.

Nashville, USA
Nashville, USA
Director of Engineering
Brighton, UK
Lead Blockchain Engineer
Lisbon, Portugal
Blockchain Engineer
Moscow, Russia
Senior Software Enginer
Barcelona, Spain
Software Engineer
London, UK
Blockchain Engineer
Poznań, Poland
Senior Software Engineer
Barcelona, Spain
Lead Application Engineer
San Diego, USA
Mobile Application Engineer
Quito, Ecuador
VP Business Development
Nashville, USA
Operations Manager
Los Angeles, USA
Customer Success
Kazan, Russia
HR Manager
Montreal, Canada