A new day is dawning. kUSD is the world's first autonomously stabilized cryptocurrency. The fastest, most efficient blockchain ever. Made for humans and ready for business. 



Real people need real stability

Volatile currency is not useful. No one wants to wake up and find half their savings missing. No one can live with a currency that changes value while they’re in the grocery store.

kUSD is a stable cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar. For the first time, you can run real life and real businesses in cryptocurrency. All with a stable value you can rely on.

  • Stable
  • Autonomous
  • Decentralized


The next generation of blockchain networks

Traditional cryptomining pits miners against each other in fierce, wasteful, expensive competition. We think that’s stupid. kUSD miners cooperate to advance the blockchain.

Kowala’s Yap Consensus, inspired by the Yapese people who use immovable Rai stones as currency, has revolutionized blockchains. With a cooperative network of miners, the kUSD blockchain can quickly, efficiently and robustly finalize blocks without significant energy waste.

Say goodbye to million-dollar mining rigs and hello to futuristic elegance. Finally, minting currency is as simple as it always should have been.

  • Energy efficent
  • Affordable
  • Fast


mUSD is the kUSD mining token

The mining network is made up of mUSD holders. Only mUSD holders can mine, and that’s the key to fast transactions, low energy consumption, and reasonable hardware requirements.

mUSD holders own and run the network, and reap block rewards for their efforts. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, you don’t need a volcano-powered, snow-cooled supercomputer to mine kUSD. You can use your laptop, or even a cheap server in the cloud.



Our wallet app is designed for humans

Mass adoption of cryptocurrency requires professional-grade wallet applications with all the features that users expect. The Kowala app has a world-class user experience that supports push notifications and P2P trading out of the box.

With the Kowala app, getting into crypto is as easy as hailing an Uber. Now anyone in the world can send, save and spend stable cryptocurrency instantly, securely and safely. It’s about time. 

  • Intuitive
  • Secure
  • Safe

Meet the Kowala family

Eiland Glover 
Nashville, US / George Town, CI
Co-Founder / CEO

Eiland Glover

Eiland Glover is the CEO and Cofounder of Kowala, creator of the world’s first autonomously stabilizing cryptocurrency: kUSD. Eiland has spent his career creating systems and companies at the intersection of finance, technology, education, game theory, and human psychology. He is a firm believer that new technologies must be consciously designed and utilized to empower humans. In 2012, Eiland learned about bitcoin and wondered why this amazing technology had not become ubiquitous. He co-created Kowala based on his belief that a decentralized stable coin is necessary for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.
John Reitano 
Montreal, Canada
Co-Founder / CTO

John Reitano

John Reitano is the CTO and Cofounder of Kowala and has been a cofounder of two other cryptocurrencies: Neutrino (in 2013) and UR (in 2016). He has been architecting and developing systems based on open source software for over 20 years. He is passionate about finding elegant, scalable, test-driven solutions to seemingly complex problems. John also has a keen eye for talent, and has a track record of assembling teams of world-class developers. John received a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Santa Clara University and a Master’s degree in Computational Linguistics from Northwestern University.
Paul M Fox
Brighton, UK
Lead Engineer

Paul Fox

Paul M Fox is a software engineer, designer, copywriter and activist based in Brighton, UK. Before committing himself to improving the world with technology, he designed and built large systems with real- world impact. He has delivered major software applications for the BBC, MTV, Random House, Virgin, UNICEF and others, including many international charities. His goal is to distill the wealth of available cutting-edge technologies into forms that ordinary human beings can actually use. Aside from problem solving, his interests are behavioural economics, experimental philosophy, developmental psychology, effective altruism and scientific skepticism.
Craig Bromberg 
Brooklyn, NY
Chief Marketing Officer

Craig Bromberg

Craig Bromberg is a veteran digital marketer bridging content, strategy, and customer experience innovation into the blockchain. Former CMO of Steemit, NY business development lead for SurveyMonkey, and an editor in chief for new digital media ventures at Samsung, Citi, Disney, Time Warner, and others, Craig began his career as a feature writer for Vanity Fair, The New York Times, New York, The New Yorker and many other magazines, and is the author of The Wicked Ways of Malcolm McLaren (Harper), a biography of the manager of the Sex Pistols and his wife, fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood. An adjunct professor of strategic management at Parsons School of Design Strategy, Craig is an honors graduate of Oberlin College, holds an M.Sc., Econ. in History of Political Thought from the London School of Economics, and received his MBA from New York University's Leonard Stern School of Business.
Walker Willse
Nashville, US / George Town, CI
VP Business Development

Walker Willse

Walker is a high-energy, top-producing business development executive with a consistent record of successfully increasing company sales, market share, and profits. Possessing over 15 years of experience consulting with startups and growth stage companies. Known for quickly gaining rapport with executive leadership, clients and investors while communicating the utility and value of highly complex technology services solutions and products. Ability to analyze companies, products, markets, and growth opportunities, and introduce strategic and tactical solutions that significantly improves performance.
Sara Walker-Santana 
New York City
Content Marketing Director

Sara Walker-Santana

Sara is an experienced digital marketer with over a decade of experience focusing on audience development and growth, social media, and content strategy. She previously co-founded and ran DigitalFlash, a digital marketing agency that helped brands grow audience, create buzz, and gather customer insights across paid, owned and earned marketing initiatives, for clients including Equinox, Samsung, Bose, and Visa. A history graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sara also received a certificate in digital marketing from New York University.
Adrian Duke
London, UK
Senior Complexity Engineer 

Adrian Duke

Adrian has been architecting, building and deploying systems for over 10 years, most recently for PayPal and Royal Dutch Shell. After mining Bitcoin in 2010 and building a cryptocurrency exchange in 2012; he has been fascinated by the world of cryptocurrencies and cryptographically secured systems. With a passion in systems and complexity theory, first hand experience in developing financial systems and a thirst for diverse philosophies, Adrian brings a unique and novel perspective to the Kowala team.
Vijay Kandy
Calgary, Canada
Senior Blockchain Engineer

Vijay Kandy

Vijay is a Software Engineer based in Calgary, Alberta. Previously, he worked as an independent consultant developing software for clients in banking, insurance and oil and gas industries. His interests are decentralized and distributed systems, blockchain, algorithms, programming languages and theory, and finding efficient solutions to puzzles and problems. He is pursuing Masters in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology and currently holds a Masters in Information Systems from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani.
Ricardo Geraldes
Lisbon, Portugal
Senior Blockchain Engineer

Ricardo Geraldes

Ricardo is a software engineer based in Lisbon, Portugal and has been involved in top cryptocurrency projects since 2017. Before committing himself to open source projects, he specialised in core banking systems and financial services and participated in projects for clients such as ING, Lloyds Banking Group or Caixa Geral de Depósitos. Ricardo is passionate about complex systems, and complex problems. Ricardo finds the interdisciplinary nature of blockchains fascinating - an interception of math, computer science, cryptography, business, politics, philosophy
Adam King 
San Diego, US
Application Engineer
UX Designer

Adam King

Adam King is a UX designer and software engineer at Kowala. Over his 15 year career, Adam has strived to create applications that are refined in their utility and intrinsically familiar to their users, regardless of their complexity. His user-centered designs are influenced by Don Norman's thoughts on design based on the needs and emotions of the user. He cofounded Neutrino, a privacy focused digital currency, in 2013 and has been actively involved in both the cryptocurrency and fintech industries since 2009. Adam has a passion for both natural and computer languages and received his Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature from The University of Connecticut.
Xavier Pérez 
Quito, Ecuador
Mobile Application Engineer

Xavier Pérez

I am a full stack and front developer with a Bachelor of computer science and a Masters degree in Marketing, and more than 10 years of software development. All this years, I have developed all kinds of applications for different industries. I am committed to create beautiful easy-to-use applications with the best quality, and I am happy to have been part of many startups that had the dream to make the world a better place. I believe that innovation is the key for success, so I always try to learn new technology
Albert Callarisa
Barcelona, Spain
Senior Software Enginer

Albert Callarisa

Albert Callarisa is a backend developer with over 10 years of experience. Strongly focused on software scalability and performance, he has helped multiple startups be able to grow without being worried if their backend was able to handle the growth. He's now based in Barcelona, where he's originally from, but in the last years he has lived in Singapore and Canada.
Luke Sully 
London, UK

Luke Sully

Mr Sully was the first Global Blockchain Lead for Security at IBM and was responsible for the formulation and roll out of IBM's blockchain security services strategy globally and key client account relationships. He worked for IBM Security's Financial Services clients and CISO organisations to educate, assess and define security and integration issues relating to secure blockchain implementation. Mr Sully also worked with IBM's R&D teams to understand and develop future capability relating to network governance and security of decentralised networks. He has experience advising on cryptographic services for financial services, decentralised virtual currencies and security intelligence. He is a member of the Washington-based Center for Sanctions and Illicit Finance’s cryptocurrency group and a board member of the Chicago Bitcoin Center. He was formerly director and founding member of the blockchain practice group at PwC, the world’s largest professional services firm, in the US where he advised on regulatory and governance issues for public and private sector clients. Since 2013, he has published extensively on the topic, guest lectured and spoken in the US and internationally on blockchain and virtual currencies